02 August 2011

Back to School Shopping

The search for the perfect school supplies has started at my house. I have one in middle school for the first time and one continuing at the elementary level.

Searching for their school supplies makes me a bit nostalgic for getting new pens, paper and markers of my own.

What is it about new pens and loose leaf paper that inspires new words? Or a new stack of index cards that gets me itching to plot again?

My boys are excited about school, but I know it wears off quickly once they are at school, facing tests, teachers and kids who aren't quite as nice as they would like. The crayon smell starts to permeate everything in their desk or locker. The right color marker disappears.

And ubiquitous unsharpened pencils languish at the bottom of lockers.

What's your favorite part about back to school? I'm debating between red pens and a fun folder.

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