09 July 2007

Why procrastination is bad

So, it's been a whole week of July already before Word Nerd has figured out her July writing goal. And during that week, was she cranking out the pages?


The story was right where she left it at the end of June.

So, getting back on track here, the new July meter is up. 20 pages is the goal. With the number of things happening in July and a week in to the month already, that's going to be an ambitious goal. But, hopefully, this will be a good motivator to make progress when there is time, to adapt to the days of the month where it will be hard to write.

Funny, that last July, the goal was something like 55,000 of 85,000 words and Word Nerd's not working much on that story anymore.

Nevertheless, it's important enough just to get words on paper. Or 20 pieces of paper, as the case is for July.

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