31 July 2007

Book Banter -- Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too

Title: Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too (A Blackbird Sisters mystery)
Author: Nancy Martin
Length: 260 pages
Genre: mystery/chick-lit
Plot Basics: Nora Blackbird (again) is the one to happen across the latest dead member of Philadelphia's upper crust. This time, it's Zell Orcutt, owner of the new restaurant Cupcakes (think a Hooters-type establishment here) and all-around-dirty-old-man poised to inherit (read, rip off) an old-money family, the Fitches. Nora starts snooping and comes up with plenty of suspects. And plenty of cases of morning sickness as well, leaving readers with more than one mystery as Nora tracks down the case and deals with who is the baby's father?
Banter Points: This series is great. Nora and her sisters are riot, the old-money society is perfectly quirky, bordering on truly nuts, Nora's got great friends and her hunky mafia-connected on-again-off-again boyfriend Mick Abruzzo doesn't hurt either. The mystery hangs together well with a great twist at the end and the humor is laced throughout the book. And the best part? The characters in this series change. Nora and Mick's relationship changes, characters get older and try new things (like Nora's nephew Rawlins).
Bummer Points: Martin tends to leap some in time between titles and then fills in what the reader misses through backstories.
Word Nerd recommendation: If you liked the early Janet Evanovich stuff before every one of her titles became the same, these books are for you.

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