10 July 2007

Book Banter -- Damsel Under Stress

Title: Damsel Under Stress
Author: Shanna Swendson
Length: 306 pages
Genre: chick-lit/fantasy/urban fantasy
Plot Basics: The bad guys – rogue wizard Phelan Idris and bad fairy Ari – keep interfering with non-magical Katie Chandler’s dates with heartthrob wizard Owen Palmer. Or maybe it’s really Katie’s meddling fairy godmother, doing her magical best to help Katie and Owen’s relationship along. Either way, Katie and Owen are tasked with doing what they can to unravel what Idris is up to, all while going home to visit the parents at Christmas and finding costumes for New Year’s Eve.
Banter Points: Charming and enchanting, Swendson delivers another perfect literary potion of comedy, plot and romance. Any girl who’s ever thought she’s had a disastrous date can relate to Katie and Owen’s efforts that are routinely thwarted.
Bummer Points: If this is the last of these books, it would be a bummer.
Word Nerd Recommendation: If you need a great beach read/airplane book or just a one to make you smile, go get the first one “Enchanted Inc.” and the second one, “Once Upon Stilettos” and fall under the spell.

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Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Shanna's series! I think it's great, too!!