20 October 2006

Ready or Not

*Deep breath*
Ok. The first four chapters of Word Nerd's novel are going to be put in the hands of Oshkosh Area Writers Club members tomorrow morning. They will then have two weeks to douse the pages in red (or some other colored ink).

Word Nerd's excited about having some readers. She's also just a tad bit nervous. Tad here means, she wonders what kind of faked illness the rest of writers club would believe she has so she doesn't have to go.

After discovering that her deadline for these chapters going for a critique was sooner rather than later, Word Nerd spent a good deal of time over the weekend working on polishing them. But not as much as she'd liked to have.

So, ready or not, the pages are going out tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Critiques are just perspectives. What's the harm in gaining new perspectives?

Ha! I make it sound so easy to take criticism. ;-)

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Good luck, Bethany! I'm sure it will go great!