09 October 2006

Book Banter -- Some Like it Lethal

Title: Some Like it Lethal
Author: Nancy Martin
Length: 310 pages
Genre: mystery/chick lit
Plot Basics: Nora Blackbird is again caught up in a murder investigation, but this time the prime suspect is her younger sister Emma. At the annual fall hunt breakfast, Nora finds her sister passed out in a horse stall, a bloody riding crop nearby and the dead body of Rush Strawcutter, a notable Philadelphian. Detective Ben Bloom targets Emma as the killer and thinks that somehow Nora is connected to her on-again-off-again boyfriend Michael Abruzzo's possible money laundering. But someone starts blackmailing Nora and others in society and the stakes get higher for them all...
Banter Points: Martin does a great job with these characters and introduces some particularly over-the-top folks for this book that work out really well. Also, finally, there's more progression in the Nora/Michael relationship.
Bummer Points: For a murder mystery, the resolution on this one is not as cut-and-dry as many.
Word Nerd recommendation: Quality series. Very entertaining. Word Nerd will keep reading them (must go find book 4) and then wait for the release of more.

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