16 October 2006

Book Banter -- Firestorm

Title: Firestorm (Weather Warden, bk. 5)
Author: Rachel Caine
Length: 292 pages
Genre: Paranormal chick-lit
Plot Basics: SPOILER ALERT (There's no way around this since it's bk. 5 in a series.)

Weather warden Joanne Baldwin is still trying to save the world, but this time without the help of the djinn. The djinn are being taken over by Mother Earth, who's waking up and waking up cranky about what humans have been doing to the planet. Weather systems all over are unstable and the djinn have turned on the Wardens leaving few people left who can do anything about it. Joanne is humanity's only hope ... if she can get to one of the Oracles. But getting there has a high, high price.
Banter Points: Yeah, this series is just fun. And again, Caine leaves readers with a humdinger of a cliff-hanger. There's some interesting character development for Joanne as she wrestles with her feeling of responsibility (real or otherwise) for what's going on in the story.
Bummer Points: Not the best book of the bunch, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Word Nerd recommendation: This series won't win any kind of Pulitzer prize for fiction, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't read them. They are punchy chick lit and it's nice to see a paranormal bent to a plot that doesn't involve vampires or magic-users.

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