10 October 2006

Book Banter -- Truck: A Love Story

Title: Truck: A Love Story (ARC)*
Author: Michael Perry
Length: 288 pages
Genre: non-fiction/memoir
Plot Basics: (Hmm.... Word Nerd is seeing a bit of a problem with using her normal template prompts for a non-fiction book...maybe she could call this Synopsis: instead, given the genre.) Perry, author of Population: 485, brings readers back to the northern Wisconsin town on New Auburn. This time, much of the story revolves around his work to restore an old truck. But along the way, readers get to see meet more quirky characters like those that populated the first book. Like with the first book, Perry infuses the story about the truck with observations about life, love, politics, getting older and some laugh-aloud-darn-funny moments.
Banter Points: First, Word Nerd is just impressed with the writing. It's so good. SO GOOD. Wow. Second, the fact that she picked up, read and enjoyed a book where major sections were devoted to repairing a truck is a testament to the book because Word Nerd knows nothing about vehicles or vehicle parts and yet it was all still interesting. Third, the part with the NPR newscasters -- let's just say at that part of the book, the person sitting next to Word Nerd on that flight to Detroit probably wanted to switch seats because she was laughing outloud.
Bummer Points: Toward the end, there's a chapter that gets a little bogged down in politics. It's not bad, mind you, but it didn't have the ring of the rest of the book.
Word Nerd recommendation: Perry's books are a keeper. If you've never heard of Population 485, read it and then go find Truck when it releases later this month. Also, these books are great 'splainer books for anyone who wants to understand the colloquialisms of Wisconsin.
BONUS: Perry has agreed to do an Author Answers interview, stay tuned.

* Advanced Reader Copy

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