19 October 2006

Book Banter -- Windflower

Title: Windflower
Author: Nick Bantock (with Edoardo Ponti)
Length: 215 pages
Genre: literary/illustrated fiction
Plot Basics: Ana, a young Capolan dancer, leaves her tribe to go to the city Sedona to find a man named Felix who can teach her the dance that can save her people. While she's there, she finds herself keeping the company of four, very different men from the fatherly Mr. Hattaman to the rakish Boreos. When they start making claims on her affections, Ana discovers what she came to Sedona to learn.
Banter Points: This is a Nick Bantock book. Because it is, that extends a lot of grace to the story because Word Nerd's been so captivated by his books in the past.
Bummer Points: The story needs a lot of grace because though it's a Nick Bantock book, it just doesn't ring like the others. Word Nerd was expecting a book with more art to propel the story along and more pull on the reader. (If you've read the Griffin and Sabine books, you'll understand.). Those things just weren't there. The chapters flipped between first person and third person and Word Nerd just didn't think that really added much to the telling of the story -- a consistent POV may have been better. Moreover, some things in the plot were just kind of glossed over about who the Capolan were and what the structure of this world was where all this whole story was taking place.
Word Nerd recommendation: Since the book is fairly short, if you're a Bantock fan, Word Nerd says read it. If you've never heard of Bantock, do yourself a favor and go start with the exquisite Griffin and Sabine trilogy and then maybe read this one.

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