04 January 2006

~~This Needs a Better Title~~

Word Nerd is borrowing the idea (sort of) of listing and tallying all the books read from the year/month from Stacie, over here at Raspberry Latte. Word Nerd has been keeping a list of all books read since about March 2002, but Stacie's "Bookworm Reports" were inspiration for keeping more detailed statistics, like keeping track of pages read.

Dec. 2005
8 books*
2933 total pages or an average of 94 pages/day.
Books read: Golden Fool, Blue Like Jazz, Dead Witch Walking, Body of Evidence, Seven Up, Peter and the Starcatchers, Al Capone Does My Shirts, The Shame of the Nation.

*one note on the count: Word Nerd counts books by the day finished, not by started, or elapsed time reading. Some books may have been started in the preceding month, but not counted until the month finished.

2005 Summary
Since Word Nerd started keeping the list of books read in mid-March 2002, the literary year goes from March to March, rather than January to December. That said, for the calendar year of 2005, Word Nerd read 74 books In that period, the author who showed up most frequently was Janet Evanovich with 7 books, followed by Nick Bantock with 6 books and Robin Hobb and Jack Whyte with 5 books each.

LAST -- Word Nerd needs help coming up with a clever name to call these monthly reading statistical postings. Stacie calls them "Bookworm Reports" which is very shiny. Word Nerd doesn't want to rip off her creativity. So, what should Word Nerd call them? Help, help, help...


Stacie Penney said...

I angonized over that title, thinking it was trite, but yanno, I get hits from people looking for "bookworm". Now I get people looking for Book Reports, summaries and specific titles or author names.

I'll think on it and see what I can come up with.

Anonymous said...

EM suggests Bookometer.

Tolmek said...

How about "Literature Limature"?