24 January 2006

Short and Sweet

Think writing a novel is hard? Short fiction might be harder.
Harder, but well worth the practice because it forces a writer to be direct, to pick only the best words, to find a tight plot.
Writer's Digest has recently posted the guidelines for its newest "Your Assignment" contest. Word limit -- 75.
One of the best short stories Word Nerd has ever read is, in fact, is only 55 words long. What can a writer cram into 55 words you ask? In this particular story --an affair, betrayal, revenge and murder. Wonderful plot in one concise package that also gets in the elements of a short story -- characters, rising action, climax, resolution.
The Writer's Digest contest entry is due on Feb. 10. That's only 4.16 words a day; 5 a day if keep the last three days for editing.
Better get to it.

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