17 January 2006

Make Time

A moment for a confession: My journalism day-job aside, I haven't written anything for days.
Why not, you ask? Cuz, I say.
Part of the not-writing comes from writers' block. I did what I'm not supposed to do, leaving a scene when I don't know what comes next. The rest of it comes from really lame excuses about time.
There's an old Muppet sketch in which Miss Piggy asks Kermit the Frog when she gets to sing something. Kermit replies that she will when there's time. Miss Piggy replies, "Make time." Kermit looks rattled and shaken in his froggy way, knowing Miss Piggy's karate-chopping prowess. Later in the sketch, he relents and she sings.
I'm not saying that a karate-chopping pig puppet is the solution for me to get going on the writing. Then again, maybe it is.
"Make time," is not bad advice. Writer Joe Konrath says the same thing:
If you want to succeed in this biz, be prepared to make sacrifices and find the time to get things done.
Here's a handy list of some things you can sacrifice:
Going out
the Internet
The harder you work, the better your
chance at success. This is a business about persistence, not talent.

Several orders of time coming up.


Stacie Penney said...

I believe it was Joe (or Miss Snark) that said time spent editing either your own work or someone else is time spent improving as a writer as well.

Do epic poems count?

Anonymous said...

Good to see my dear writer friend is also human. But I just got done bragging about you this week to some mutal friends about how you keep up your commitment to your own personal writing. So now that e.g., g.a. and others have been inspired by your stick-to-it-ive-ness, don't make me a liar. I know you won't. I mean, haven't even committed myself to a blog yet!

Bethany K. Warner said...

Don't make me feel more guilty about this....
I wonder if I can live without groceries... that would go toward Joe Konrath's idea of sacrificing eating.