26 January 2006


Sometimes the plan for what to read next changes dramatically.
This happened today, because Word Nerd got her hands on the new book by Joanne Harris, Gentlemen & Players.
(An aside about word order in sentences: The previous sentence almost read, "Word Nerd got her hands on Gentlemen & Players, the new book by Joanne Harris." Ahem. Clearly, this is why it is important for one to proofread, edit and revise.)
The first sentence was, "If there's one thing I've learned in the past fifteen years, it's this: that murder is really no big deal."
Hooked. Hooked so much in fact that the book bumped four others down on the what-to-read-next list. The what-to-read-next list is generally planned at least four books in advance and is largely unchangeable. Sometimes though change is good.

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