27 January 2006

Still in the Frey

James Frey and his embellished memoir, "Million Little Pieces" (heretofore known as MLP) are still making headlines.

Yesterday, the author made an appearance on Oprah, where the talk-show host apologized for supporting him recently on Larry King Live and said she felt he had duped and betrayed her and readers.

All the controversy about Frey's book hasn't dampened sales at all. Based on sales through Jan. 22, Frey's book is still second on the best-seller list. The week before (from Jan. 8-15) it was number one. Coincidentally, that was right after the news broke that he had fabricated parts of the memoir. MLP got bumped into the number two spot after Oprah announced her next book club pick, "Night," the Holocaust memoirs of Elie Wiesel.

One post about this Word Nerd found very interesting was Miss Snark's list of questions for Frey's agent.

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