25 January 2006

Book Banter -- Ill Wind

Title: Ill Wind
Author: Rachel Caine
Length: 337 pages
Genre: urban fantasy/chick lit
Plot Basics: Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin's running for her life after being accused of a crime, but it's not just the Warden's Association that's hunting her, but the weather itself.
Banter Points: Caine has a formula that works. Her heroine is the right amount of nothing-can-stop-me tough chick combined with moments where Jo just wants a hug, or great pair of shoes, or a really sweet car. In this genre of mystical heroines with man problems, Caine delivers something new. Rather than powers over fairy magic or the undead, Joanne Baldwin can control the weather. The book is hard to put down.

Bummer Points: There is a twist at the end. Word Nerd can't say more without revealing too much plot, but it was a shocker that will impact the next books in the series. Oh, and this is the book with David, the djinn. For more on the disappointment with this character, read this post.

Word Nerd recommendation: Remember in eighth-grade science when you learned about the weather and the atmosphere? Rachel Caine apparently did because the science part is on target. This makes it way more interesting.

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