13 January 2011

Words of the Year

We may be on the 13th day of 2011, but we're not so far into the new year that looking back on 2010's "Word(s) of the Year" is out of date.

The Word of the Year changes with who you ask, but I think the choices are interesting and revealing about society.

The American Dialect Society picked the word "app" for their word of the year. This term for a smart phone application apparently beat out "nom nom."

Merriam Webster picked "austerity," given the financial crises in Europe and many austerity plans developed to keep EU member countries on track.

The Oxford American Dictionary picked the word "refudiate," thanks in large part to one maverick ex-governor of Alaska and her verbal mash-up.

And, last, but not to be outdone is Urban Dictionary's pick of "gate rape" for the travel-scandal inducing TSA pat downs.

I'm suprised the word "leak" isn't in the list what with BP and Wikileaks.

Any words you would have put as a top pick for 2010?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

But... but I've been teaching my son to say "nom nom" for months now!