18 January 2011

Starting Over

I have thoroughly enjoyed my winter break from school. I took advantage of the time by finishing two books that I've been reading all year, plus 16 others in December and so far in January. In all, 18 books for a total of 8,310 pages.

I must say, that two of the titles are competing for best new series in 2011: the Percy Jackson series or the Elemental Assassins series. Both are excellent so far.

I also discovered a new author that specializes in time travel novels: Connie Willis. I really like the idea of time travel and the potential ramifications. Willis sets her time travelers in Oxford, England, 2060, but visiting various points in England during World War II. She does a fabulous job of capturing the day-to-day aspect of people living in England during the Blitz as well as those who fled to the country.

It's been delightful reading and I will miss it now that I'm back to school reading.

What have you read lately that's been worth sharing?

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