22 June 2007

Going Back

Do you have books that you reread every so often, ones that are worth delving back into because the story's so good, or the characters so compelling that you, well, frankly, you just miss them?

Word Nerd's recently been thinking about rereading either Lord of the Rings or a King Arthur story, likely "The Once and Future King." Because it's time. It's been since the summer of 2001 for LOTR and likely summer of 2004 for "Once and Future." There have been a couple King Arthur books in there in between (or more than couple as Word Nerd read the first six, six?, of Jack Whyte's Camuloud Chronicles).

But LOTR and "Once and Future" -- there's just something that Word Nerd thinks she's ready for again in those stories. Maybe it's the fact that the themes to those books are so big... it's the least in the world with the power to save it, that might doesn't make right and that maybe, maybe, if the system is set up right, people can change how they live together.

Maybe it's just about inspiration.

What titles draw you this way? Are there books that it's time for you to reread?


Anonymous said...

I seem to cycle through new book/reread phases. Not with any particular regularity, but just as a noticeable phenomenon.

As an example, I'm rereading the Potter series in anticipation of the final volume next month. 'Long about Halloween, I like to revisit Stephen King (sometimes solo, e.g., "It," or in conjunction with Peter Straub, e.g. "The Talisman") and Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House" and Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked This Way Comes."

LOTR is always on the reread list, as are the Narnia books and Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" and Richard Matheson's "What Dreams May Come" (and the film skipped most of the point of the novel, although it was most prettily done) and David Eddings's Belgariad and Mallorean series...

In brief (but not soon enough, probably!), rereading books is like visiting old friends: even if you know what's coming, there's always something new to take away, even if it's just appreciation.

JJCB said...

I enjoy reading Harlan Ellison. He is a very ecclectic writer, having written a weekly years ago called "An Edge in My Voice" as well as Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Mystery etc. He also joined a gang back in the 50's and recounts his tales very well. If you haven't read any, there is a book of short stories called "Trouble Makers" that would be a good into to his work.