03 June 2007

Book Banter -- Night of the Living Deb

Title: Night of the Living Deb
Author: Susan McBride
Length: 352 pages
Genre: chick-lit/mystery
Plot Basics: Debutante dropout Andrea "Andy" Kendricks is back, but her boyfriend, straight-laced defense attorney Brian Malone fails to return one evening after going to a bachelor party at a gentleman's club. When Andy gets worried about him, she learns that Brian left the club, apparently with one of the (ahem) performers, who is later found dead in the trunk of his car. Not believing her man to be a murderer, Andy sets out to find him and clear his name.
Banter Points: It's nice to find a chick-lit type murder mystery that's a) not gory, b) still worth reading and c) not full of scenes that would make a reader rethink recommending the book to her mother. It's also nice that this title works as both a continuation to the series, but a first-time reader wouldn't be lost. Andy is a spunky heroine involved in a plot that's funny and still pretty believable.
Bummer Points: The epilogue is a bit of a let-down after an otherwise good book. Somehow, Word Nerd was expecting more to happen in those page between Andy and Malone.
Word Nerd recommendation: If you are looking for something else to read in between Janet Evanovich books, check these out. Chances are, you'll like them better.

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