14 June 2007

Book Banter Trivia -- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

As with the other HarryPotter books, Word Nerd is providing a little quiz of your knowledge of the books instead of writing a regular Book Banter review. If you would like to check your answers, post a comment to that effect and Word Nerd will get let you know.

What does Ron cut off from his dress robes?
a. buttons
b. lace
c. ribbons
d. medals

Where does Rita Skeeter conduct her first interview with Harry?
a. in the Great Hall
b. in the Trophy Room
c. in a broom closet
d. in the Three Broomsticks

Which champion picked first when deciding what they would face in the first task?
a. Cedric
b. Harry
c. Viktor
d. Fleur

What beverage does Madame Maxine say the Beauxbatons horses drink?
a. Water
b. Single-malt whiskey
c. Pumpkin juice
d. Red current rum

In a painting, what fruit must be tickled in order to reveal the door to the Hogwarts’ kitchens?
a. a pear
b. a banana
c. an orange
d. a peach

Who scares Mrs. Weasley in the hospital ward?
a. Severus Snape
b. Cornelius Fudge
c. Sirius Black
d. Barty Crouch

Dumbledore mentions he stumbles on a room that he’s never seen before. What’s in the room?
a. chamber pots
b. house elves
c. the Pensieve
d. thick woolen socks

Who stuffs the real Alastor Moody into his trunk?
a. Barty Crouch
b. Barty Crouch Jr.
c. Ludo Bagman
d. Igor Karkaroff

Which one of these is not one of the Unforgivable Curses?
a. Avada Kedavra
b. Crucio
c. Imperio
d. Accio

Which of these creatures does Harry help Cedric fight off right before reaching the Tri-Wizard Cup?
a. A giant spider
b. A sphinx
c. A blast-ended skrewt
d. A grindylow


Anonymous said...


im not too sure about some of these

Anonymous said...

Try again on questions 1 & 10.