19 June 2007

Book Banter -- The Liar's Diary

Title: The Liar's Diary
Author: Patry Francis
Length: 320 pages
Genre: literary fiction/mystery
Plot Basics: Jeanne Cross, doctor's wife, school secretary, perfect mom, is drawn to make an unlikely friendship with Ali Mather, the bohemian-like music teacher and violinist. As they talk, Jeanne begins to realize some painful truths about herself and her family. The life Jeanne thought she had created for her family unravels even more when a murderer strikes and her son is arrested for it.
Banter Points: The plot summary here doesn't really do this book justice, but Word Nerd didn't want to inadvertently give away some of the twists. From a writing standpoint, this book is lyrical and poignant. Word Nerd thought she was picking up a regular mystery book, but Francis' debut novel was well beyond her expectations.
Bummer Points: It would be a bummer if you don't read this book soon.
Word Nerd recommendation: Read it, read it, read it. And watch for this one to be in Word Nerd's top 1o list at the end of this year.

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