15 June 2007

Book Banter -- The Prey

Title: The Prey
Author: Allison Brennan
Length: 394 pages
Genre: romantic suspense
Plot Basics: Former FBI agent-turned-crime fiction writer Rowan Smith is enjoying the success of her writing career, though she keeps the people around her at a cold distance. Her world is upset however when a killer murders a woman with the same name and in the same manner as in one of her novels. Rowan is put under the protection of bodyguards Michael and John Flynn and Special Agent Quinn Peterson as further copycat killings occur and it becomes clear that the killer is trying to send her a message. And while Rowan is terrified by the killings linked to her, she finds an unexpected solace from one of her guardians.
Banter Points: The plot is a good idea, the copycat killings from Rowan's books. And the pacing of that part of the book is well laid out.
Bummer Points: This book is romantic suspense, so all of sudden the suspense part stops and wham! the next scene is very much romance, a jarring and seemingly forced connection between Rowan and her new beau. Also, this was Brennan's first novel, and she tended to repeat some phrases and ideas more than necessary.
Word Nerd recommendation: Word Nerd put the next book, "The Hunt" on hold at the library on a recommendation that Brennan's writing gets better as she progresses.

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