01 December 2011

Reading Logs

My youngest son is in third grade. His at home reading goals are to read 600 minutes every month. The amount per day, the type of book, etc. are up to him (with a few hints from Mom.)

Because I'm a geeky sort of mom, I decided to set him up with an Excel based reading log, to capture the minutes and titles for his 600 minutes.

With confidence, I am proud to say, the kid has read 2,330 minutes in three months. That's well above the goal.

That's also not counting the minutes he spends sneaking reads in bed when lights out has already been declared. If I were to acknowledge those minutes and add them in, he may very well be over 3,000.

Here's the deal: he isn't the only one. There are a handful in his class that are reading like this. Who says reading is dead?

Long live the book!

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