13 December 2011

More eReader News

With the release of Amazon's latest Kindle -- Fire -- I've noticed something cool for Amazon Prime members. With an annual subscription, not only do you get free shipping, you also get free movies and books for your Kindle. (gosh, that sounds like an info-mercial, doesn't it?)

Basically, Amazon is taking the old-school, pre-public library format and applying it to their customers. But for $25 a year, it beats Netflix and opens up loads of books to those who find their local library limiting.

Personally, I'm tempted. I don't have a Kindle Fire but do have the Kindle app. I am not a Netflix subscriber, so if I didn't end up with movie access, I'd be okay with it. I read about 100 books a year, maybe purchasing 10, so I'm already a non-contributor to the writer's payment (part of which is why I give back through reviews.)

So, dear Reader, are you a prime member? Do you use a Kindle? What are your thoughts?


Roxann said...

The little statement that you can borrow books "as frequently as a book per month" makes me hesitant about the value of purchasing a Prime membership JUST for this. If, however, you already have Prime, it sounds like a nice additional benefit.

Roxann said...

Although, I can add another note- my local library has started loaning out e-books as a way to economically drastically increase the size of their collection (they are not part of a group of libraries, at least with traditional library services, so the collection is limited as there is no inter-library loan. But they do share the e-books with other libraries). I thought it was neat.

Stacie Penney said...

Good point. I would need to check out 5-10 books a year to make this my only reason to be a Prime Member.