09 December 2011

Paper Overload

In the last two weeks, I've written and edited two papers for school. Total page count was well over 50 pages.

It's crazy. It's insane.

It's the reason I keep missing deadlines for the Word Nerds blog.

How, exactly, does one keep track of the various ideas that float across your path? I'd had at least a dozen great blog ideas during the writing of them. Yet, I didn't jot a single one down and they are gone.

Do you have this problem as a writer? Is it actually problem?

One theory is that the posts weren't really that good since they didn't resonate enough to stick. Another is that I am old and need to write stuff down.

Ech. December 14 will be here soon and the final version will be handed in.

Back to your regularly scheduled program.

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