18 October 2011

Think Different

Apple was something that was on the edges of my life. I never had an Apple 2e nor did any of the schools I went to. They seemed to come after I had moved on to the next grade.

My first real memory of Apple was the Think Different campaign. At the time, I didn't pay attention to much other than my undergraduate work. The school that I student taught at, however, opened my eyes to the campaign.

The 4th grade teacher was extremely offended by the posters that were donated to the school. The phrase lacked the very proper "-ly" that made it grammatically correct. She tried to rally various teachers into taking the posters down, myself included.

I looked at them and smiled. Great writing is about breaking the rules. The people on the posters were rule breakers as well - Albert Einstein being my favorite one of all.

Think Different.

Yes, it should have been Think Differently. But that's the point, in my mind. It should be think different. Apple certainly would.

I'm a fan of Apple. I have a iPod and iPad. I've broken or sold other iPod models. I mourned the loss of Steve Jobs by remembering the campaign that taught me the most I ever learned about grammar.

Think Different.

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The Simpson Six said...

This is the same lesson that I try to teach my video production students. You have to learn the rules so that you can break them. You can only break the rules successfully after you have mastered them. Thank you for this.