07 October 2011

Good for the ego

I'm home later than usual, as I write this post. I met with one of my teams for school to come up with a one page marketing overview on the strategy my group is taking during a simulation.

There are three of us - an operations manager for a manufacturing company, a brokerage / trader and me the Supply Chain consultant.

The Trader came with a three bullet point out line that was perfect to launch the conversation. The Ops Manager provided the meeting space.

Me? I took over the keyboard and launched into consultant speak.

At one point I had us laughing so hard with the sentence that went something like "The correlation of goals and alignment of processes truly expedites the process."

After a while, I cleaned up and turned down the extravagant phrasing and churned out some decent sentences. Not that those sentences would pass the muster of a crit partner like fellow Word Nerd Bethany, but they are good enough for this project.

It was good for my ego to be able to churn out a paper like this in 45 minutes or less. It's bad that writing like this passes muster for an MBA course.

It sort of felt like a "Dark and Stormy night" contest.

What's the best writing story you have for the week?

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