21 October 2011

The Next Series: the Results Remix

The poll has closed and so it's time to look at results.

(Ok, I looked at results while votes were coming in... sheesh...)

For those of you just joining, here's why I was doing a poll for the next series.

According to popular opinion, it looks like I'll be trying out the Rizzoli and Isles series.

I am suspect that it won because of the TV show, or perhaps because it was first in the poll. Survey design matters, I suppose.

I will dutiful read the first book in the series (soon, but not yet, I've got a couple other things on deck already), but I'm not making promises. If it's not me, I'm not going to stick with it. I do trust the opinion of my voters, so I'm anticipating good things, but there are too many other books to move on to if I'm not entirely captivated.

For those of you that picked Rizzoli and Isles, what is it about it that love? (And no spoilers!)

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