11 October 2010

Book Banter -- Tap & Gown

Title: Tap & Gown
Author: Diane Peterfreund
Length: ~270 pages
Genre: Chick lit
Where Word Nerd's Copy Came From: Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library
Plot Basics: Rose and Grave secret society member Amy Haskel is close to the end of her senior year at Eli University. Now, all that's left is to write her thesis, enjoy the company of her new boyfriend and tap a class of new Rose and Grave members. But as the choice of taps in Amy's class (including her and the other Diggirls) has been an constant source of struggle, how to pick the next class proves even more difficult. Amy's got two potential taps that she's courting, but planning an initiation gets harder when rival societies are after the same recruits and one unpicked student decides to make Tap Night truly terrifying. And as always, the Rose and Grave patriarchs might want to interfere in matters....

Banter Points: This series has been entirely delightful. Peterfreund's writing voice is the perfect combination of college humor, quiet insight and zingers that make the books hard to put down. It was nice to see Amy grow over the series. Even though the total time span is only a year, she goes through a lot and isn't the same as when she started. And Word Nerd is glad about Poe. (That's all I can say without too many spoilers.)

Bummer Points: It's sort of too bad that Peterfreund's characters only get to be in the secret society for a year. I would have loved more. On the other hand, I doubt Secret Society Girl the Next Generation would work well, so I shall be content.

Word Nerd Recommendation: A highly fun read if you're looking for something that's entertaining.

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