21 October 2010

Book Banter -- The Closers

Title: The Closers (Harry Bosch series #11)
Author: Michael Connelly
Genre: Mystery
Length:  403 pages
Where Word Nerd's Copy Came From: Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library
Plot Basics: Harry Bosch returns to work for the Los Angeles Police Department, assigned to a special new unit dealing with unsolved murders. Applying new forensic technology like DNA to old cases, the squad is closing cases from the past decades. Reunited with his former partner Kizmin Rider, Bosch is assigned to a case from the late 1980s of a girl abducted from her home and and killed in the nearby countryside. As Bosch and Rider investigate, it becomes clear that certain facts were intentionally overlooked in the original investigation. To close the case, Bosch will have to go against some of the very LAPD brass who gave him back his badge.

Banter Points: This book went back to being in third person which makes huge sense since Bosch is back inside the police department. It was also nice to see him around more people since he's been such a lone wolf in the last two books. Most of all, I'm just impressed with how Connelly has continued to push the series and force Harry to change because of some circumstances and in others Harry remains obstinately the same guy.

Bummer Points: As far as the series as a whole, this just wasn't one of the amazing ones. It was still a fun read, but after The Narrows, it didn't meet quite the same level that one did.

Word Nerd Recommendation: I feel like a broken record, but, nevertheless, I'll say it again: Read this series.

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