19 October 2010

Book Banter -- The Mysterious Benedict Society

Title: The Mysterious Benedict
Author: Trenton Lee Steward
Genre: YA Fiction
Length: approximately 475 pages

Where Stacie's Copy Came From: Personal collection
Plot Basics: Four children are brought together to subvert an evil plan.

Banter Points: I tried. I could have written that the children were clever, witty, smarter than any peers, best in class, but really? What children essential to plot destruction aren't? Maybe it would have been better to stress that they were orphans, only that's the best way for children to get away with everything - minimal adult supervision.

And of course, they have been sought for years and years, to bring down the mastermind behind an evil plan. Only no one knows for sure what the plan is. Or how to stop it.

Okay, so I'm a little tough on this title. The characters are wonderful, especially the mysterious Mr. Benedict. It's great how they piece together the clues and have a love of truth that serves a purpose seldom found in children's titles.

I'm willing to pick-up the second in the series for two reasons: One, my 10 year old may like the series; two, the children all of parents in the second book and I'm curious about how that works out.

Bummer Points: In the end, the backbone was the same as many other children's titles and it didn't translate well to the adult reader. I'm okay with that as kids need their own titles too.

Stacie's Recommendation: The age rating is dead on for this title so read with that audience in mind.

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