06 October 2009

Book Banter -- Some Buried Caesar

Title: Some Buried Caesar
Author: Rex Stout
Genre: mystery
Length: ~270 pages
Plot Basics: Nero Wolfe and his leg-man Archie Goodwin are in a car accident that leaves them stranded outside of New York City and Wolfe's brownstone. In trying to get their car fixed, the detecting duo runs into a wager from a New York restauranteur who wants to barbeque a champion bull. But when the bull is found roughing up one of the betters, Wolfe says it's murder. Even outside of his comfort zone, Wolfe puts Archie to work gathering evidence and sets his own prodigious mind to the task of finding the murderer before he gets away with the crime.
Banter Points: This was the book pick for Bouchercon this year. All attendees were sent a copy and were asked to read it so that we can talk about the ending this week (a feat not often possible among mystery readers/writers.) Word Nerd has read some of the Nero Wolfe mysteries in the past and this one was classic Wolfe all the way. From Archie's quick banter with Lily Rowan, to Wolfe and his orchids and the usual cast of quirky characters, this was an enjoyable read.
Bummer Points: Not a complaint against the book, but Word Nerd thought it odd that the Nero Wolfe mystery picked for B-con was NOT one set in New York. There was no Inspector Cramer and none of the great stuff in Wolfe's office or with Fritz.
Word Nerd Recommendation: Maybe not the best pick if you've never read a Nero Wolfe novel, but if you are even a passing fan, a good one to check out sometime.
Want another perspective? Check out this review of the book as well.

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Stacie Penney said...

Thanks for the link!

Perhaps the Bcon organizers felt that the classic NY setting would have been a re-read for participants, and selected a title that some may have over looked.

Just a thought.

Good to know that the next time I pick one up I'll find the same sort of story.