20 October 2009

Bouchercon Wisdom

Throughout the weekend at Bouchercon, Word Nerd wrote down the best little snippets of what authors had to say... from the setting of mysteries, to writing advice, to how to create characters and rip ideas from real life/real people.

Since wisdom is best when shared, here are some of things that caught Word Nerd's attention.

"Indianapolis is a very effective city to be murdered in." -- Brandt Dodson

"Writing is an act of great confusion and terror." -- Marcus Sakey

"Geography creates character." -- Larry Sweazy

"We have to make up enough stuff so when we can copy stuff, it's faster." -- Ken Isaacson

"Evil people never recognize themselves." -- Sarah Wisseman

"First person is a story about perception - they can be wrong." -- Hank Phillippi Ryan

"If you're an historical author, you have to know when to be vague." -- John Maddox Roberts

"Most writers do care about accuracy of any kind." -- Sharan Newman

"People take exception to being murdered." -- Jeanne M. Dams

"A good character has to do something. This is the fun of writing - letting your head go." -- Harlan Coben

"What you don't know in facts will kill you." -- David Levien

"The only way to write is to write. The only rule I know that works is discipline, consistency." -- Gary Phillips

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