18 October 2009

Post Bouchercon, pt. 1

Boucheron rocked.

Word Nerd wasn't really sure what to expect from a big con like this, but it was great. (And more than one veteran told her this one was really well organized, lending credence to her unschooled opinion.)

There will be more highlights to come. But Word Nerd's real job intrudes tomorrow with two days of fundraising school (Come Tuesday afternoon, she'll have more letters to stick after her name or on a resume... Certificate of Fundraising Management, look out...)

But here's the quick hits list of all the authors that Word Nerd had a chance to actually participate in conversations with. Some were quick hits, some were longer... details to come, along with some of the stuff she learned. (These are in no significant order...)

1. David Morrell
2. Hank Phillippi Ryan
3. Marcus Sakey
4. Sean Chercover
5. CJ West
6. Rachel Brady
7. Brad Parks
8. Simon Wood
9. Jonathan Maberry
10. Austin Camacho
11. Kelli Stanley
12. Jess Lourey
13. Libby Hellman
14. Maris Soule
15. Larry Sweazy
16. Seth Harwood
17. Tony Perona
18. Brandt Dodson
19. Beth Groundwater
20. CJ Box
21. Denise Dietz

There are probably others. If Word Nerd forgot someone, it's not an intentional slight. As with writers, a good number of these conversations happened in bars, late at night.

More to follow. When Word Nerd is awake again. And more educated.

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