15 December 2006

What to do with spam

Word Nerd isn't talking about the canned meat product. She means the stuff that clogs up e-mail in-boxes.

She wishes she could take credit for this idea, but she saw it somewhere else first. (Where, exactly, that was, she doesn't remember, and hence, can't give appropriate credit.)

Spam e-mail can be a great character name generator.

In the last few weeks, Word Nerd has gotten mail from:
  • Vespasian Beckett
  • Mirabel Torres
  • Britton Violet
  • Sheryn Vessey
  • Sanders Dye
  • Winter Correa
  • Noll Baxter
Any one of these could be a great name for a character. Word Nerd isn't sure she'd ever use any of these verbatim, but they are a good starting point when it's hard to come up with a name.


Page Smith said...

Thank you! I just named the Prime Minister in my book Noel Baxter. (Although I did just run it on Google and I found out that there is a British skiing champion with the same name. Oh, well. I'll use it anyway.)

Any more spam? My inbox has been rather empty lately. It makes me almost wish I hadn't started reporting the spam to my email provider.

Thank you, Word Nerd!!!

Bethany K. Warner said...

Hmmm...Word Nerd hadn't contemplated this. Now she can't name anybody Noel Baxter...
That's ok though... it's a great Prime Minister name. Take it!