08 December 2006


Word Nerd thinks it might be time to change her tag line.

It's been, "No pocket protectors here; just don't break the spines on books," since the debut of this blog.

It's not bad. It does sum up the point of the blog. But Word Nerd thinks it might be getting a little stale.

Problem is, she's plum out of ideas for what else to tag the blog.


There might be something in it for the person who posts the winning suggestion, too, if one is posted that Word Nerd thinks is a really humdinger. Word Nerd's got some promo books sitting on her desk that need to find good homes.


Anonymous said...

"I still read books."

"I'm a nerd. Word."

So, I'm only half serious about these. However, it's all I've got. Work with me, here.


"Word Nerd: Reading books since (insert year you actually began to read here)."

Anonymous said...

Promo books? I'm in! I'll try!

I'll start with five:

1. Only a fool for words.
2. For a word's worth.
3. Books of common genius.
4. Tome techie, and creative critic.
5. Novels shrunk down to the size of a postcard.

What would you say your focus is on your blog? Telling us that might help. Yes, we read your blog, but what do you think about it?