07 December 2006

Book Banter -- Brief Lives

Title: Brief Lives (Sandman, Vol. 7)
Author: Neil Gaiman et. al
Length: 256 pages
Genre: graphic novel
Plot Basics: Dream, aka Morpheus, one of the Endless, is visited by his youngest sister, Delirium. Delirium wants to find their brother, Destruction, who hundreds of years earlier, walked away from his post, abdicating his responsibilities. Dream and Delirium undertake a journey to find Destruction and learn how short life really is.
Banter Points: Word Nerd has been slowly reading through the collected volumes of the Sandman comics/graphic novels. This one is by far the best so far. Dream and Delirium are both part of the seven siblings that make up the Endless. The Endless aren't gods, but have always been. But though they have been forever, this volume takes on the idea of the brevity of life, no matter how many years a person has (endless or otherwise). Just because these are graphic novels/comic books, don't overlook the thematic elements of stories like this.
Bummer Points: Somehow, the art just didn't appeal to Word Nerd as much in this volume. She's not enough of a graphic novel fan to know if somebody different drew this volume. But, Dream looked different.
Word Nerd recommendation: These aren't pulp comics (no ker-pows or blams, here), but they aren't illustrated novels either. If you've never ever read a graphic novel, don't knock them until you pick up a Sandman.

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