18 December 2006

Book Banter -- Drowned Wednesday

Title: Drowned Wednesday (Keys to the Kingdom, bk. 3)
Author: Garth Nix
Length: 389 pages
Genre: Juv/YA fiction
Plot Basics: Arthur Penhaligon is in the hospital recuperating after his last adventures in the House, fighting off Grim Tuesday. Suddenly, he gets an invitation for lunch with Drowned Wednesday, the next of the Morrow Days that he must deal with as Heir to the House. His hospital room floods with water, and he's whisked back to the Secondary Realms where he must make alliances with the Raised Rats, a doctor with a tattooed face and others in order to find the Third Part of the Will and get home again.
Book Banter: This Keys to the Kingdom series is juvenile or YA fiction, but Word Nerd thoroughly enjoys it because it is so imaginative. Nix never ceases to astound with his clever ideas (like a room in a pirate ship being connected still to a standing building).
Bummer Points: The whole series isn't out yet and Word Nerd must wait.
Word Nerd Recommendation: These are great books for kids who are looking for other Harry Potter-type books. The same can be said for adults who are waiting for HP #7 to be released.

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