21 September 2006

What I Learned Reading

Word Nerd spent part of Monday and last Friday on airplanes, but instead of using the time to devour some novels written by other people, she read the rough draft of her own.

She hopes this doesn't sound pretentious, but she learned first -- the rough draft does not completely suck. Not to say that there aren't sections that could use some major, major work, but at least Word Nerd wasn't tempted to chuck the thing out the airplane at 18,000 feet.

Second, she learned that there are some definitive spots that need some work, making some plot transitions, etc.

Third, Word Nerd realized that she didn't really introduce her characters as well as she could. This is one area where she's going to be spending some revising time for sure, helping round out on paper the folks that become the main characters. They are all in her head, but somehow what she knows about them didn't make it all on paper.

So -- the amended goal for the rest of September and writing: Word Nerd's going to work through the first two chapters. She hopes to get farther than that, but since there are only 10 days left in the month she didn't want to be overly ambitious.

1 comment:

Trish Ryan said...

Isn't it great when you realize a draft isn't nearly as hopeless as you'd assumed it was???

Congrats :)