25 September 2006

Book Banter -- Dzur

Title: Dzur
Author: Steven Brust
Length: 285 pages
Genre: fantasy
Plot Basics: After being on the run, wise-cracking assassin Vlad Taltos comes back to Adrilankha with a price on his head and a chance to mend some of the relationships there.
Banter Points: This is the 10th book in the Vlad Taltos series and Word Nerd was very excited when she found out this one was being released. Vlad and his familiar Loiosh have such funny banter back and forth throughout the book.
One of the other things that Word Nerd has always liked about this series is that it's not all spelled out. For example, when Vlad has a plan that involves other characters, there'll be a line, like, "I told them my plan and they agreed." It's nice as the reader to not know what's coming until the scene unfolds when they carry out the plan.
Also, this book cleverly follows a meal, with each chapter getting introduced with each new course. Vlad's voice comes through even more clearly in these sections -- example: With cooking and murder, there really shouldne be a "good enough." You need to get as close to perfect as possible, otherwise find another line of work....Another similarity if you will between committing murder and indulging in supreme pleasure: Both take one's full concentration.
Bummer Points: It had been a while since Word Nerd read book 9, so she felt a little foggy during some of the reading about what exactly was happening. The real salient details emerged from her memory though. And... is book 11 on the horizon anywhere?
Word Nerd recommendation: If you are looking for good fantasy, these are a must read. Go back to the beginning of the series, read them in the order that Brust wrote them. (The story's chronological order is different).

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