05 September 2006

Double Edition Book Banter -- Dragons of Winter Night/Spring Dawning

Title(s): Dragons of Winter Night & Dragons of Spring Dawning
Authors: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Genre: Fantasy
Length(s): 339/342 pages
Plot Basics: After one victory at Thorbardin, the companions find themselves separated and caught up in the war even more as they pursue the dragon orbs. In traveling to Silvanesti, home of a race of elves, they all share a frightening dream of the future. It's the frail wizard Raistlin who saves the others there by making a mysterious and powerful bargain.
The companions and the Dragon Highlords race against each other to find the Green Gemstone Man -- the one who is key to ending the war. The companions find that one of the Dragon Highlords seems awfully familiar...
Banter Points: High action, high fantasy... These books really do read a lot like a role-playing game session.
Bummer Points: The character development is a bit lacking. The stories are more about what happens to the characters and so things that could be more poignant in the characters' own development are a bit short-changed.
Word Nerd recommendation: If you like the genre, these are worth reading.

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ElfFeather said...

This book comes after Test of the Twins right? I thought Raistlin died in that book!