11 September 2006

A new OED

No... not that OED (Oxford English Dictionary)

Try the Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form.

So far, this new tome only goes up through words beginning with Cd, but it's growing. It's probably not the best tool if you're trying to prep for the SAT vocabulary section. It is, however, quite humorous.

A few example, just for kicks.
The buckeye's a tree, but oh my, oh,
The word's also used (don't know why, oh)
For the folks who ain't roamin'
But makin' their home in
The beautiful state of Ohio.

Like the Captain and Toni Tennille,
Kept together by love that they feel,
An accompanist plays
So the vocalist stays
With the music, in phase and on keel.
(--Chris Doyle)

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ElfFeather said...

ha, very good first one. :)