17 August 2006

Thus the End Begins*

*(or, Talking 'Bout my Hibernation... that sounds much less ominous)

Look at the Work-in-Progress word meter over there --->
Yes. It says 72,527. 85 percent.

Hopefully, Monday when Word Nerd blogs, she will be able to update the meter to be filled all the way in. 100 percent.

Cuz this weekend's it. The Four Days in Which Word Nerd Will Finish Writing the Rough Draft of her Novel. (sounds more important when it's all capitalized).

Starting today, Word Nerd's goal is pound out the last 10-12K words by Monday. The plot is at the point (hopefully) where a reader would be hard pressed to put the book down. That's also sort of happening to Word Nerd as a writer. It's hard at this point to stop working on it because the storyline's coming together, there's tension, action, and resolution.

But writing takes time. So Word Nerd's hibernating this weekend. Ringer on the phone off. Nothing else on the weekend docket except writing, writing and um, oh, more writing.

Word Nerd's writing plan looks a little like this:
Thursday: 1,500 words
Friday: 2,000 words
Saturday: 3,000- 4,000 words
Sunday: however many words it takes to get done.

(Thanks to the Hudson, Ohio library for the hibernation graphic.)


Prime Looper said...

Woo! Hit it!

anne frasier said...

i'll spray you with water when you run by.

MWGirl said...

I am so happy for you. I miss so much when I'm out sick for a few days.