29 August 2006

Author Answers with Janet Evanovich

As promised a few weeks ago, this week's author is Janet Evanovich.

Evanovich is the author of the Stephanie Plum series (One for the Money, Two for the Dough, etc.) The Plum series, now on book 12, routinely is in the best-seller lists. She also runs a contest on her website where readers can submit ideas for the title of the next book. The current contest for book 13 is open through this Thursday so put on those thinking caps.

To read Evanovich's biography, click here, to go to her website. She has an interesting story that she tells so well, it's silly for Word Nerd to try to recap it all here.

WN: How has your writing process changed from when you started writing serial romances to having the Stephanie Plum books top best-seller lists?
EVANOVICH: The process hasn't changed much but the amount of time spent at the computer has increased dramatically. Plus I now spend time answering fan mail, touring, and interacting with the media.

WN: What piece of advice helped you out the most as a writer?
EVANOVICH: Never hold anything back for the next book.

WN: What is the best/most influential book you have ever read and why did it inspire you?
EVANOVICH: Uncle Scrooge in Back to the Klondike. It gave me a life-long love of the adventure story.

WN: Why did you decide to have contests for readers to title the next book? does the winning title influence the story at all?
EVANOVICH: I suck at thinking up titles so a bunch of years ago we decided to hold a contest and let the fans help out. The winning title never influences the book. We just like something that's catchy and has the appropriate number.

WN: How did you feel the first time you saw your name on the cover of a book?
EVANOVICH: I was really excited. I got a couple covers and framed them and gave one to my mom and dad and put one in my office.

WN: Do readers need to worry about the Stephanie Plum series ending?
EVANOVICH: No plans to end the series anytime soon. I'm having fun.

WN: Stephanie ends up in some wacky predicaments... do you worry as a writer that it's too over the top or how do you make sure that readers will believe the crazy circumstances she lands in?
EVANOVICH: I worry about EVERYTHING. There's a technique in writing called "suspension of disbelief" and it's my best friend.

WN: What kind of research have you done throughout writing the Stephanie Plum series?
EVANOVICH: I learned to shoot and I hung out with bounty hunters and cops. I also ate a lot of doughnuts and drank a lot of beer.

WN: What's your favorite word and why?
EVANOVICH: My favorite words probably couldn't be printed here! Hey, I'm from Jersey!!

WN: What's one question a reporter has never asked you before (and the answer to that question)?
EVANOVICH: Would I accept ten pounds of Godiva in payment for the interview. And the answer would be yes.

(Word Nerd note: No Godiva chocolate was remitted for this interview).

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