14 August 2006

Book Banter -- Eleven on Top

Title: Eleven on Top
Author: Janet Evanovich
Length: ~350 pages
Genre: chick lit/mystery
Plot Basics: Hapless bounty hunter Stephanie Plum thinks maybe she's had enough of trying to take down the bad guys, wising up perhaps to her own bumbling track record. So she quits. But holding down another job is tougher than she thinks, especially when someone's started stalking her. Stephanie ends up taking a job with RangeMan, the front company for the very smooth and (very hot) Ranger. And whether she wants to be or not, she goes back to something surprisingly like bounty-hunting.
Banter Points: This is classic Evanovich. Stephanie loses some cars and has witty romantic banter with both Morelli, her on-again-off-again cop boyfriend, and Ranger.
Bummer Points: This is classic Evanovich. After 11 books, the formula needs a little bit of shaking up. Granted it wouldn't be a Stephanie Plum book without the blown-up cars, the prat-fall fights with those she's supposed to bring in as a bounty hunter, but the plot of her life with the Ranger-Morelli triangle didn't go much of anywhere.
Word Nerd recommendation: Word Nerd has heard book 12 is great. Staying the course, of course.

Bonus Announcement: Janet Evanovich has graciously done one of the Q&A's with Word Nerd for the Tuesday Author Answers column. Stayed tuned.

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