31 August 2006

Decisions, decisions

It's high time that Word Nerd read another classic.*

She's turning again to her faithful readers for input on which one. See that poll over there ---->
That's for input. Go vote. Consider it practice for the November elections.

Word Nerd must say, though, she wonders a bit why she chose to do this poll again. Last time she got stuck reading The Count of Monte Cristo (here's a teaser for next week's Author Answers... the featured author likes the Count and gives a pretty good defense of why it's good...)

Honestly, last time on the poll Word Nerd really put the Count on there as a last choice because she didn't take enough time to think through her choices. This time, all the books are ones she thinks she should and wants to read someday. Good for you, as her faithful readers, knowing this time your choice won't lead to angry muttering or thoughts of fudging the democratic process.

The poll is open until Sept. 30. You get one vote.

(*Classic here generally means any book written more than 50 years ago that now gets taught in schools or has impacted the genre or has some enduring literary merit.)

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