18 May 2006

Summer reading

Word Nerd recalls, and without a great deal of fondness, her summer reading assignments in high school. About this time of the year the list would come out, ruining the prospect of no homework for three months, because the teachers would all assign books that should be read before we came to their classes in the fall.

Head to Barnes and Noble soon and you'll see that table of summer reading books sprout up.

Word Nerd remembers one summer in particular, of being slammed with 5 or 6 books including a condensed history of the United States and "Les Miserables."

Anybody else have recollections of required summer reading? Any books that stick out as particularly good or particularly ruinous to the summer?

1 comment:

Stacie Penney said...

I never had summer reading lists and probably am the only person in the world who wished that the teacher did that sort of thing.