25 May 2006

Pick a barcode, any barcode....

Dear Person/persons who order(s) books for the library:

Thank you for continuing to broaden the choices of books available in the library system. Your work is providing countless hours of literary enjoyment, not only for me but for us all as library patrons.

However, please consider this letter as my plea to speed thing up a bit.

As you may be aware, publishers released Nick Sagan's new book, "Everfree," on May 18. It is now a week later and the on-line card catalog still lists this book as "on order/unavailable." I find your classification of this book somewhat incorrect -- it is available. I can only say that this is causing me, as a reader, some distress.

In short, I must know what happens next!

I know some progress has been made. The title used to only have a series of x's in the catalog for its Dewey decimal system number. Now, it has digits attached to it, with only a few x's left to be filled in. When I first saw this, I saw it as a positive step forward. The book has remained listed thusly now for best part of a week, or more.

I am sure that you are busy cataloging and shelving the new material that must come into the library regularly. I doubt this is a small, or an easy task. But I would hazard a guess that for other new books (oh, say, Harry Potters?) you moved more quickly to get them on the shelves the day the publisher released the book. I ask only that you process "Everfree" more quickly for the sake of us who are anticipating this new book with the same kind of eagerness as a nine-year-old for the latest antics of a boy wizard.

I suppose, dear library book orderer, that you could say that were I truly dedicated to this series, I would stop waiting for my hold that I placed back in March for the above named book and go buy it. I would remind you that I need to put gas in my car and for the cost of a new hardback book, I can get a full tank.

You are forcing me to do something I don't want to do -- take a different book with me on vacation!

If the book is in a box somewhere, you would endear yourself to me forever if you would go find it and fill my hold request (which I placed in March) before Saturday.

Wandering in the stacks hunting for a suitable second choice,
Word Nerd


Stacie Penney said...

I love it!

We need to know who this person is and befriend them. Bribe them. Hell, give them my first born, if that's what they want (I'm pretty sure that they'll return him after a couple of days.)

Tolmek said...

Hmm. My library is acting in much the same manner. You would think being a larger city that it would not take so long. Sadly, that is not the case. It has been a week now, and I fear that it will not be arriving any time soon. Curse them for making me wait. I would be upset with you for convincing me to read them before all of the books were available, but they were just so darn good that I can not seem to care. Heh.