10 May 2006

Always the sidekick, never the hero...

Sidekicks are one kind of "stock" character in movies, comics and books. Often, they are thought of in connection to Superheros (think Batman and Robin, etc.).

Sidekicks may not get all the glory that the main character does, but they certainly have roles to play. The sidekick character often gets to be the one to question the hero, have a critical skill that the hero lacks or do tasks that aren't worth the hero's time. The sidekick often is really the only one who can match the hero's prowess and can be singularly devoted to the hero.

But, before the caped crusader had a young protege, the sidekick character type was already established through literature.

Can you identify who the following characters are sidekicks for? (Answers will be posted later today -- check back!)

1. Arthur Hastings ... is the Dr. Watson for Hercule Poirot
2. Mr. Smee ... is more of a henchman than a sidekick, but he tags after Captain Hook
3. Sancho Panza ... helps out Don Quixote
4. Sam Gamgee ... treks with Frodo Baggins to Mordor
5. Willie Garvin ... is the sidekick for comic-book and novel heroine Modesty Blaise
6. Patroclus ... is Achilles' best-bud in the "Iliad."
7. Enkidu ... is the only one who can tame Gilgamesh in ancient epic.

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