24 April 2006

Book Banter -- To The Nines

Title: To The Nines
Author: Janet Evanovich
Length: 352 page
Genre: mystery/chick lit
Plot Basics: After a slump with book 8, Evanovich is back and as funny as ever in To The Nines. Stephanie Plum is after Samuel Singh, an immigrant, but finds herself up against higher stakes than just his skipped bond.
Banter Points: Evanovich made a good move in this book and that was getting Stephanie Plum out of New Jersey, at least for a few chapters. It was a good way to shake-up what was becoming formulaic with Stephanie constantly fighting crime only in her hometown.
Bummer Points: Anybody hoping for major plot movement in the Stephanie-Morelli-Ranger part of the series will be disappointed.
Word Nerd recommendation: You can't really skip book 8 to get to this one, but at least it's worth knowing that hanging in there through 8 was a good move.

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